Body Zero Book


Nick Franks is a blogger living in Edinburgh, Scotland. Following the Ghost of Luther, Knox and Tyndale, he is playing the same gig just the morning after the night before. Nick carries a prophetic burden for maturity in the Church, expressed through worship, prayer, gospel proclamation and preparation for the return of Christ.

This "burden" is where the book Body Zero has been conceived and now born. Over the last five years, since the United Kingdom redefined marriage by law, (2014), a growing distress (divine pathos) has been crescendoing to fever pitch in the hearts and minds of many Christians throughout the land. The intimidating socio-cultural narratives of our day make the expression of this divine pathos significantly harder. In Body Zero, Nick puts into words what so many Christians are wondering and dreaming and praying, often behind closed doors.

A time is now upon the Body of Christ where the roaring Spirit of God is once again going to resound in both Heaven and Earth through the Church. Once again Christians are going to find and use their God-given voice to confound every enemy of God and every spirit of the antichrist.

This debut book from Nicholas Paul Franks will be accompanied by a ten-part VLOG series also available here.

You can find more information about Nick and Mairi Franks, including hundreds of articles, videos and songs via firebrandnotes.com

Nick is available for speaking/teaching engagements throughout the U.K. and overseas. Please drop him a note via the contact page and he’ll come back to you ASAP.